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Immatics presenting at Hanson Wade Supply Chain & Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit 2021

Oct 26 - Oct 28, 2021

Join Immatics at the 2nd Supply Chain Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit. Gain unparalleled insights to ensure that your operations organization emerges from an unprecedented year of disruption with strategies to establish deliberate, robust, and repeatable patient-centric supply.

Wednesday October 27, 4:30pm - 5:00pm EDT

Session: Building a Supply Chain Organization & Harmonizing the Logistics Ecosystem


Presentation: Case Study: Building an End-to-End, Vein-to-Vein Supply Chain and Logistics Organization with Scale-Readiness in Mind

  • Providing an overview of good operations management and organizational set up for end-to-end cell therapy supply and logistics
  • Improving turnaround times with minimized delays and identifying components of the supply chain which can be expedited to reduce veinto-vein time
  • Building the expertise within your organization to meet headcount requirements for manufacturers, hospitals and external partners
  • Weighing up internal vs. out-sourced vs. point-of-care manufacturing and the implications for scale-ready supply chains, and the relationship between sites, academic centres, and external partners

Presenter: Delfi Krishna, Head of Strategic Operations Cell & Gene Therapy Immatics


We are looking forward to (e-)meeting you!


For more information please visit the event's website: 2nd Supply Chain & Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit