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Immatics presenting at Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit

Feb 22 - Feb 24, 2022


Tuesday, February 22, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm GMT
Workshop G: Manufacturing Innovations

Join Immatics at the CAR-TCR Summit, one of the most comprehensive and important event in the cellular immunotherapy. 


Presentation: Measures to Increase Success Rates & Manufacturing Yields of Genetically Modified T-Cell Products

  • Reviewing current and future strategies to manufacture autologous products, reduce variability, increase success rates and reduce cost and turn-around times
  • Focus on consistency of starting material, improvement of gene delivery, increase product yields, and reduce vein to vein times

Presenter: Ali Mohamed, Vice President, Immatics



Wednesday, February 23, 9:00 am - 10:00 am GMT
Panel Discussion: Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat - Setting a Trailblazing Fire to the Cell Therapy Field with Next Generation Approaches


An executive panel discussion from the industry leaders of the field to set the scene on next generation CAR-TCR therapies. Ask your questions live to understand the expert’s thoughts on key topics including:

  • Successes and hurdles to date: T-cell therapy translation to solid tumours, non-oncologic disorders and off-the-shelf (ex vivo and in vivo) T-cell engineering
  • Innovative construct design that has the potential to enhance the targeting of CAR cells
  • Exploring novel multi-targeting technology alongside the use of accessory proteins to enhance potency and engagement

Speakers: Pascal Touchon, Chief Executive Officer Atara Bio; Adrian Bot, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President, R&D Capstan Therapeutics; Remus Vezan, Chief Medical Officer Cero Therapeutics; Peggy Sotiropoulou, Chief Scientific Officer T-knife Therapeutics; Cedrik Britten, Chief Medical Officer Immatics



Wednesday, February 23, 11:30 am - 12:00 pm GMT
Session: Advanced Clinical Developments -Enhancing Trafficking of CAR-T Cells to Overcome the Hostile Tumour Microenvironment


Presentation: Driving Clinical Activity of TCR-T Cells in the Challenging Solid Tumour Setting

  • Developing TCR-engineered T-cells against PRAME-positive solid tumours
  • Leveraging the power of TCR-T cells: safety and anti-tumour activity of TCR-T cells directed against PRAME-positive solid tumours
  • Potentiating anti-tumour activity through CD8αβ co-transduction
  • Tackling the tumour microenvironment by next generation TCR-T cells directed against a novel tumour stroma target

Presenter: Cedric Britten, Chief Medical Officer, Immatics



Thursday, February 24, 11:45 am - 12:15 pm GMT
Session: Manufacturing Innovations - Leveraging Novel Technologies to Scale & Enhance the Production of Next Generation CAR-T Cells


Presentation: Strategies to Improve Manufacturing of TCR-T Products

  • Immatics is focused on the development of TCR-based immunotherapies against novel targets for solid tumours
  • TCRs against these tumour targets are used in various Adoptive Cell Therapy and TCR Bispecific programmes
  • An update on Immatics clinical and preclinical programmes in TCR-T and overcoming key manufacturing challenges

Presenter: Ali Mohamed, Vice President, Immatics



We are looking forward to (e-)meeting you!


For more information please visit the event's website: Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit


London, UK