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Immatics presenting at Hanson Wade Gamma Delta T Therapy Summit

Sep 30, 2020

Join us and others to explore Antibody & Cell Based Gamma Delta T Approaches at the Gamma Delta T Therapy Summit (virtual event, September 30). 

Wednesday, September 30, 4.30pm BST (11.30am EDT/ 5.30pm CEST)

Presentation: ACTallo®, an Off-the-Shelf Adoptive Cell Therapy Approach Using αβ TCR-transduced γδ T Cells

  • Immatics believes that γδ T cells are ideally suited for allogenic Adoptive Cell Therapy approaches because they naturally infiltrate tumors, possess intrinsic antitumor activity and recognize target cells in an HLA/ peptide independent fashion, not causing Graft-versus-Host Disease.
  • ACTallo® is a process developed by Immatics for the manufacture of allogeneic, off-the-shelf, TCR-engineered cellular therapies derived from healthy donors’ γδ T cells.
  • At the laboratory scale, Immatics has observed that its proprietary manufacturing process could generate hundreds of doses from a single donor. 
  • Immatics is currently translating these lessons into large scale solutions. 

Presenter: Steffen Walter, CTO Immatics

Wednesday, September 30, 5.30pm BST (12.30pm EDT/ 6.30pm CEST)

Panel Discussion: Live Q&A with Speakers


Richard Lopez, CEO PhosphoGam
Steffen Walter, CTO Immatics
Lawrence Lamb, CSO In8Bio
Stewart Abbot, CSO Adicet Bio
Oliver Nussbaumer, VP Immunology GammaDelta Therapeutics

We are looking forward to e-meeting you!

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