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Immatics presenting at Hanson Wade CAR TCR Summit 2021

Aug 30 - Sep 02, 2021

Engineering a Disease-free World

The 6th annual CAR-TCR Summit returns as the comprehensive, industry leading summit for CAR and TCR cell immunotherapy experts. Join Immatics virtually and discuss clinical trials, insights and case studies with us.

Tuesday, August 31, 11am – 11:30am EST
Session Entering the Clinic with Operational Readiness
Presentation "Optimizing the End-to-End Patient Journey for Autologous Ex Vivo T-Cell Therapies During Early Clinical Development"
• Discussing the patient journey process map from patient referral into the cell therapy program to drug product infusion
• Evaluating end-to-end time and opportunities for improvement
• Identifying patient attrition metrics and areas of improvement
Speaker: Delfi Krishna, Head of Strategic Operations, Immatics

Tuesday, August 31, 2pm-2:30pm EST
Session Designing Operations for Scale Readiness
Presentation "Executing Complex Pipelines in the Autologous Cell Therapy Space, Focusing on Performance and Scale"
• Autologous Cell Therapy Space, Focusing on Performance and Scale
• Establishing clinical partnerships to support data generation in patients
• Sharing organizational alignment for performance across different lines and external stakeholders
• Discussing signal finding in phase 1 clinical TCR-T trials: ACTengine® case study
Speaker: Cedrik Britten, CMO, Immatics

We are looking forward to e-meeting you!

For more information please visit the event's website: 6th CAR-TCR Summit | Aug 30 - Sep 2, 2021 | Digital (car-tcr-summit.com)