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Immatics presenting at Festival of Biologics

Nov 02, 2020 from 2:20 PM to 2:40 PM GMT

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Join Immatics at the Festival of Biologics from November 2 to 6. The festival combines three conferences covering antibodies, immunotherapies and biosimilars in one fully digital event. Don’t miss Immatics giving an update on our preclinical TCR Bispecific program IMA401 at the European Antibody Congress 2020 as well as an insight into our manufacturing platforms at the World Immunotherapy Congress 2020.

Monday, November 2, 2.20pm GMT / 3.20pm CET
European Antibody Congress 2020 - Session: Bispecifics
Presentation: Targeting of tumor-specific HLA ligands with bispecific T Cell-engaging receptor (TCER™) molecules 

  • Update on Immatics’ TCER™ pipeline
  • Development of high-affinity T Cell Receptor-based molecules with optimized bispecific design 

Presenter: Sebastian Bunk, Director Immunology, Head of TCR Engineering and Bispecifics, Immatics 

Learn more about the European Antibody Congress 2020 here.

Monday, November 2, 2.20pm GMT / 3.20pm CET 
World Immunotherapy Congress 2020 - Session: Cell and Gene Immunotherapy

Presentation: Manufacturing platforms for endogenous, engineered, autologous, or allogeneic TCR-T based adoptive cell therapies

  • Immatics is a clinical stage company focused on the development of TCR based cell therapies against novel targets for solid tumors
  • Endogenous and engineered TCRs against these tumor targets are used in various Immatics’ Adoptive Cellular Therapy programs 
  • Extensive process development led to the manufacturing approaches for the various product platforms 
  • Exemplary manufacturing and/or clinical data from various trials will be presented for the various platforms 

Presenter: Ali Mohamed, Vice President CMC, Immatics

Learn more about the World Immunotherapy Congress 2020 here

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