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Immatics presenting at Cell & Gene Therapy - Manufacturing & Commercialization 2021

Sep 20 - Sep 21, 2021

Join Immatics at the Cell, Gene & Immunotherapy Event for Ground-Breaking Bioprocessing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Strategies

Tuesday, September 21, 4:00pm - 4:30pm EST

Session: Gene Edited Ex Vivo Cell Therapy

Presentation Manufacturing process optimization during early- and late-stage development

  • Development of TCR-engineered T cell therapies against novel targets for solid tumors
  • Case study for optimized vein-to-vein time
  • Outlook for closed system automated for late-stage development

Presenter: Ali Mohamed, VP CMC Immatics

Tuesday, September 21, 4:30pm - 5:00pm EST

Session: Gene Edited Ex Vivo Cell Therapy

Panel Discussion: Let’s Settle the Debate – Can Auto and Allo Therapies Co-Exist
Use this opportunity to ask your expert speakers your burning questions

John A. Rowley, Founder & CFO RoosterBio Inc.
Armon Sharei, CFO & Founder SQZ Biotechnologies, USA
Cenk Sumen, CTO Stemson Therapeutics
Ali Mohamed, VP CMC Immatics


We are looking forward to (e-)meeting you!


For more information please visit the event's website: Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Commercialization US | Cell and gene therapy conference


Boston, USA + Virtual