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Gene and Cell Therapy Online Conference

Jun 23, 2020

Regulatory CMC, Quality Development & Manufacturing: Recent Strategies, Perspectives, and Expectations

Join us on June 23 for the Gene and Cell Therapy Conference – live and online! E-meet VP CMC Mohamed Ali and get latest updates on our Immatics TCR-T cell developments.


Tuesday, June 23, 10.40am – 11.20am EST (3.50pm GMT/ 4.50pm CET)

Strategies to improve the manufacturing turnaround time while manufacturing younger TCR-T cells


  • Immatics utilizes a proprietary tumor antigen/targets discovery platform, XPRESIDENT® which identifies tumor targets and screen cognate TCRs for off-target toxicities
  • These targets and cognate TCRs are used as the basis of various Immatics’ Adoptive Cell Therapy programs
  • Various TCR T cell products have been developed and manufactured under cGMP conditions to meet preset safety & efficacy release criteria for patient infusion for the various clinical trials (IMA101, 201, 202, and 203)
  • Manufacturing of engineered TCR T cells in under 6 days has been accomplished with “infusion ready” time under 12-days from leukapheresis collection to ready for patient infusion
  • TCR engineered T cells manufactured in the short process are younger and exhibit an improved memory phenotype as well as better in vivo

We are looking forward to e-meeting you!


Learn more about the Gene and Cell Therapy Online Conference here.