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CAR-TCR Summit Europe

Feb 24 - Feb 27, 2020

The CAR-TCR Summit Europe is the leading industry-dedicated summit focused on overcoming current bottlenecks in translation, scale and delivery to build the infrastructure required to successfully treat patients around the world.

Join Immatics and others to engineer a cancer-free world at the 3rd Annual CAR-TCR Summit Europe in London, UK. Do not miss the opportunity and get to know Immatics’ latest advances in TCR T-cell therapies.


Monday, February 24, 9-11am

Manufacturing for an Allogeneic Future

  • Overcome variation in starting materials with uniform cells sourced from healthy donors
  • Control and predict safety and efficacy with standardized cell banks
  • Creating reproducible and consistent products, managing quality specifications
  • Explore methods to carry out large scale expansion whilst preserving efficacy and potency
  • Lessons learned to translate reproducible, safe and virus free constructs

Workshop Leader : Ali Mohamed, Vice President CMC


Tuesday, February 25, 11-11:30am

Manufacturing Track - Disrupting Current Processes to Shorten Manufacturing Times

Strategies to Improve Manufacturing Turnaround Time

  • Discuss the risk of disrupting regulatory norms to revolutionize timescale to 1-5 days
  • Review data to decipher whether it is possible to carry out release testing before material is placed into manufacturing machinery
  • Outline QA test or electronic test records to speed up the availability of drugs

Speaker: Ali Mohamed, Vice President CMC


Wednesday, February 26, 2.30-3.30pm

Manufacturing Track - Panel Discussion

How to improve process development for CAR-TCR cell manufacturing

Panelist: Ali Mohamed, Vice President CMC

Thursday, February 27, 9-9:30am

Solid Tumor Track - Cell Trafficking and Tumor Penetration

ACTallo®: Off-the-Shelf, TCR-Engineered Vγ9δ2 T Cells for the Treatment of Solid Cancer 

  • Vγ9δ2 T cells have a natural ability to infiltrate solid cancer, independent of the presence of αβ T cells
  • When present in patients’ cancer, Vγ9δ2 T cells correlate with positive prognosis
  • With ACTallo®, we intend to leverage Vγ9δ2 T cells to develop a novel generation of TCR-engineered allogeneic cell therapies, with features distinctive from other off-the-shelf modalities

Speaker: Yannick Bulliard, Director Translational Development

What are the key challenges in developing off-the-shelf cell therapies? Read about Yannick Bulliard’s experiences at Immatics and how to further improve their success – an interview in the new CARTCR magazine. Download 


We are looking forward to interesting and exciting discussions.

You can find further information on the CAR-TCR Summit Europe here.


London, UK