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Adoptive Cell Therapies Conference

Mar 03 - Mar 04, 2020

Advances, Challenges and Future Directions

Meet Immatics at CHI’s Inaugural Adoptive Cell Therapies Conference (which is a part of the Molecular Med TRI-CON in San Francisco, March 1-4) and discuss strategies to reduce toxicity, increase efficacy, production and cost-effectiveness with us!


Tuesday, March 3, 11.10am – 11.40am 

Session “Regulation and personalized adoptive cell therapy”

Personalized Multi-Targeted Adoptive Cell Therapy

Despite its great potential, adoptive cellular therapy (ACT) has shown limited clinical success in solid tumors. Major challenges of ACT in solid tumors include heterogeneity of tumor antigen expression, tumor escape (e.g. after addressing only one target) and toxicities (e.g. due to expression of targets on healthy tissue). In this presentation, we will show recent data from several complementary clinical-stage approaches to treat solid tumors using personalized combinations of multiple novel targets.

Speaker: Steffen Walter, CSO US 


We are looking forward to seeing you there!
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San Francisco, CA (USA)