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Immatics presenting at PREDiCT Tumour Models Digital Summit

Dec 02, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM CET

E-join us at PREDiCT: 9th Tumour Models Summit where Preclinical and Translational Oncology Scientists will unite to fast-track oncology therapeutics into clinic through enhanced model platforms & selection strategy. Get an insight on how Immatics is addressing cancer targets with Bispecific TCRs.

Wednesday, December 2, 10.00am CET
Session Humanised Mouse Models

Presentation: Targeting of Tumor-Specific HLA Ligands with Bispecific T Cell-Engaging Receptor (TCER™) Molecules

  • XPRESIDENT® to exploit the repertoire of tumor-associated antigens
  • Introduction into TCER™, Immatics’ TCR bispecific molecules
  • TCER™ in vivo data

Presenter: Sebastian Bunk, Senior Director Immunology, TCR Engineering & Bispecifics, Immatics 

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually!
Learn more about the PREDiCT Tumour Models Digital Summit here.